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  Follow #TheAviators hash tag on Twitter for all the latest news about the club. Here are details of the clubs schedule for 2018.  
  January 13th:    Tribute Flight - Flight Leader @ToddyFur  
  February 10th:   Flying School - Basics with @ToddyFur  
  February 24th:   Flying School - Advanced Balloons and Blimps with @ToddyFur  
  March 17th:      Adventure Flight - St. Patricks by @ToddyFur  
  April 15th:      Tribute Flight - Flight Leader @Rotrujo  
  May 12th:        Flying School - Basics with @UncleArry  
  June 3rd:        Flying School - Advanced Dambusters with @ToddyFur  
  June 16th:       Adventure Flight - Forbidden Places by @TheMobyKeech  
  July 15th:       Tribute Flight - Flight Leader @oneinthere  
  August 12th:     Flying School - Basics - with @ToddyFur  
  August 25th:     Flying School - Advanced Water Bombing with @ToddyFur  
  September 23rd:  Adventure Flight - Hogwarts Inspiration by @ToddyFur  
  October 21st:    Tribute Flight - Flight Leader @SassytheMinPin  
  November 10th:   Flying School - Basics - @UncleArry  
  November 24th:   Flying School - Advanced with @ToddyFur  
  December 8th:    Adventure Flight - Outlander by @OscarDismore  
  December 22nd:   Festive Flight - with @ToddyFur  
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