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  Would you like to lead an lead an adventure flight?
Show us your home town, country or a great holiday in pictures from the air.
  Fly an Adventure Flight - Get Involved  
  #TheAviators Adventure Flights can be small and personal or a big official scheduled event. When the spirit moves you to share a flight, run a mini-adventure! Or perhaps you would like to help with the big scheduled adventure? #TheAviators will be pleased to fly with you either way.  
  Tweet to @ToddyFur if you'd like to get involved with the scheduled adventure or if you'd like some advice and perhaps some help to run something smaller.  
  Details of the Next Mission with #TheAviators  
  We have regular big adventure flights - see the home page for our schedule. A big adventure will have "posters" in #TheAviators format and usually @ToddyFur helps with that. If you have a great idea we will help you make it into a great adventure flight.  
  Get in touch with @TheAviatorsClub to lead an Adventure flight  
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