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  If you would like to join #TheAviators you need goggles.
New pilots can tweet a good, large, clear, face forward picture to @ToddyFur, tell him your favourite airplane and he will make your goggled avatar.
  Example of a Goggled anipals avatar  
  Note: When Toddy see's your goggles request he will tell you it's in his "To-Do" list. If you don't hear from him then shout out. If your account is protected he may not see your tweets so unlock and ask him.  
  Lots of chaps have many voices on their Twitter accounts - PLEASE pick just ONE for your pilot. Don't ask Toddy to do goggles for lots of your dogs, cats, bears etc.  
  You don't need to take a Flight School lesson before joining in with #TheAviators - just wear your goggles and join in the fun on #TheAviators hash tag.  
  If you have any questions about joining up please just ask the club account: @TheAviatorsClub or have a word with @ToddyFur about getting your goggles.  
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