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  #TheAviators Flight School  
  #TheAviators Flight School runs on a regular schedule - see the home page for the next flights. We have two sessions - Basic and Advanced. On completing the Basic Flight School we offer #TheAviators "Flying License."  
  #TheAviators Flying Licence for completing the Basic Flight School   
  Basic Flying School  
  Basic Flight School introduces flying with #TheAviators. It's a great way to meet fellow flyers and understand some of the mysteries of #TheAviators tweets like "RGR" (Roger) and "OVR" (Over). You don't need your license to join in with any of our events, but if you would like to take the class "online" please click on the "Play Basics" button below.  
  You can view the Basic Flight School here...
  Experienced members are most welcome to assist with the Basic Flight School - Get involved!   
  Advanced Flying School  
  Advanced Flight School has different themes and we are always interested in experienced members creating and leading the lesson.
Recent lessons have included "Formation Flying", "Dam Busters - Low level flying" and "Helicopter Flight School".
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