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#TheAviators OTRB Tribute missions
The Tribute Mission exists to honour our anipal furends who have passed OTRB. We ask members of #TheAviators to remember and pay tribute to the passing of anipal family and furends during the Tribute Flights. Perhaps you could tweet a picture of a furend recently OTRB and a memory.

Remember those OTRB with us during the Tribute, fly with us and share memories of furends OTRB. Let our furends know we will always care for them.
We fly tributes to furends OTRB

Tribute Schedule

Watch #TheAviators tag in the weeks before the Tribute for details of the flight times for the southern and northern missions. We fly twice to allow members from all over the world in different time zones to show their respects.
15 Minutes before Start - #TheAviators Gather for the Mission

Start time - Welcome from Flight leader and Wingman. Introductions and prayer.

  Start + 5 minutes - Flyers take to the air.  
  Start + 10 minutes - Farewell to Aviators and missing furend formation flight.  
  Start + 15 minutes - Flight Officers will call for members and guests to remember furends OTRB. Memories and farewells from flyers and guests with pictures of your furends most welcome.  
  Start + 60 minutes - Thank you's and final words while flyers land.  
  Finish plus - Flyers and guests are welcome to join us in #TheAviators Lounge.  

How do Flight Officers do the Roll Call?

  When it is time for Flight Officers to start the roll call we invite flyers and guests to tweet Tributes to furends who have passed OTRB with a tweet perhaps like the following:  
  We honour Bagheera, beloved Burmese cat who owned Toddy @Toddyfur. Curl up warm in Toddy's heart. #TheAviators http://twitpic.com/example.jpg
  Example of a tribute being called...  
  Remember to add #TheAviators to each post and to tweet your furends names in the roll call with respect and in your own time. Each tribute will overlap with others in time and perhaps more than one flyer will share a memory of the same furend OTRB and that is alright.  
  You might like to write your list out in advance and prepare so you only have to copy and paste at the Tribute.  

How to Schedule your Tweets for the Tribute

  You might prefer to schedule your Tweets, that is post them in advance, to make sure you don't forget a furend OTRB on the Tribute night. You can schedule Tweets using lots of apps and websites like twuffer.com. The following tutorial shows you how to schedule using the Twitter website Tweetdeck.Twitter.com.  
  Click for a new Tweet 1) To start, click on the "New Tweet" button.  
  Type your Tweet Text 2) Type your tweet.

3) Click "Add Image" if you want to add a picture.
  Select an image if needed 4) Select the picture from your computer.

5) Click "Open". 
   The picture is shown with the Tweet 6) The picture will be displayed with the text of the Tweet.

7) Click "Schedule Tweet" to set the date and time for the tweet.
  Schedule the date and time for the tweet  8) Select the date and enter the time for the Tweet.

9) Click on the "Tweet" button

Note: This should should the date for the scheduled Tweet. 

Do have a practice before the big day.
Remember you can schedule with lots of apps and Twuffer.com works just fine too.
If you need any help just tweet to @ToddyFur.

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